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  • Production, storage and supply of green hydrogen.
  • No harmful emissions whatsoever through production, storage, delivery or consumption.
  • Can be stored in the dry state for an unlimited period under normal atmospheric conditions.
  • Double yield through release from both the powder and the water.
  • Circular fuel through re-use of natural substances available in unlimited quantities.
  • Circular production of hydrogen and regeneration of residual substances.
  • In energy terms: the highest attainable energy content.
  • Natural basic substances, such that in the event of wastage, there are no harmful effects to nature.
  • The requisite raw materials occur naturally and are available in unlimited quantities.
  • High degree of safety: hydrogen is not converted into hydrogen gas until immediately preceding use.
  • Can be produced and used on a world-wide basis.

Applications in industrial areas and port areas

Werking H2 FUEL A
  • Can be transported and distributed cheaply and without energy loss, employing conventional methods.
  • Distribution without the need for a network or infrastructure.
  • Deployable in all mobile and immobile sectors of society and the economy.
  • No need for investment in new infrastructure.
  • Low weight and high energy content, meaning low transport costs.
  • Large-scale storage and release of sustainably generated electrical energy.
  • Numerous uses in society and the economy.
  • Quickly implemented, without large investments for modifications.
  • Energy content / cost-price suitable for competition with fossil fuels.
  • Reduction of geopolitical tensions due to energy self-sufficiency.
  • Acceleration and simplification of the energy transition, plus a savings in costs.
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