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Present attempts to attain climate goals are characterised by an effort to improve existing technologies and knowhow, leading to solutions of only a temporary nature and to enormous capital destruction. If a definitive solution is to be found, we must discard old ways of thinking and learn to think in a new manner, in order to create ‘the perfect storm.’

Capturing CO2 and sequestering it in old gas fields in the sea seems appealing. However, its feasibility is limited, it is extremely costly and its consequences for nature are as yet unknown. Moreover, with this approach, the CO2 will still be with us, whilst at the same time more CO2 is being produced.

Biomass has a low yield, exploits nature, is not available in sufficient quantities to meet world-wide energy needs and features CO2 emissions throughout its entire chain. Synthetic fuels are toxic and expensive to produce and lead to CO2emissions during production. Ammonia, formic acid and other proposed options turn out either to be toxic or to lead to harmful emissions through the production process.

Batteries are capable of storing only a limited amount of electricity, have a limited lifespan, cause harm to the environment through their production and dismantling, and the materials they are made from are scarce and occur at only a few locations.

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Sun and wind energy and the electrification of society and the economy has, up to now, been the only alternative capable of providing a solution. But if this is to happen, a distribution network will need to be created in order to realise it – this aside from the question as to the extent to which it can cover the world’s energy requirements. Further, fluctuating yield will remain a problem for as long as large-scale storage of electricity is not guaranteed.

The utilisation of hydrogen in combination with sun and wind energy is the only future-safe option for attaining the climate goals. But then hydrogen gas must be made manageable and safe and universally utilisable (e.g., in aviation). And that is something which cannot be said of it, due to the requisite high pressure, its flammability and the danger of explosion.

Scientists are calling H2Fuel a break-through technology and the gateway to the hydrogen economy. Hydrogen, but without the drawbacks and dangers of hydrogen gas, in combination with sun and wind energy, is the definitive solution. Globally producible, storable, transportable and consumable. Without harmful emissions of any kind. And quick to implement, so that the imperative energy transition can take place much faster, much more easily and much more cheaply. And, if universally implemented, it represents the way to attaining the climate goals – and doing so ahead of schedule.

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