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It is a self-deception to assume that the energy requirements of society will decrease in the future. The world’s population increases each year, underdeveloped areas are undergoing growth and it is human nature to wish to have more. Aside from all ecological, economic and geopolitical implications, this is a source of concern when it comes to food provision and the question as to whether we will be able to meet energy demands in the future. Whilst continued use of coal, oil and gas is linked to disastrous consequences, hydrogen, in its endlessness, forms a unique alternative. Production and consumption can be implemented on a world-wide basis; preferably this should be in accordance with one uniform standard, so that product and consumption are uniformly interchangeable.

In this regard, as well, H2Fuel can make the difference. High efficiency (double yield), safeness of use, unlimited shelf-life of the dry product, ease of transport, storage under normal atmospheric conditions, circularity, deployability in all sectors of society and the economy, suitability to both static and mobile use, ability to be produced and transported all over the world, an absence of any harmful emissions in connection with production, storage, delivery or consumption. Natural raw materials, permanently available. Rapid implementation. Owing to these features, H2Fuel has the potential to become the desired standard, world-wide.

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