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Up to the present time, it has not been possible to store electricity efficiently and on a large scale. At present, electricity is stored in container-sized batteries, which not only leave a large carbon footprint, but also have a very limited storage capacity. Electricity that is sustainably generated using wind or sun energy is extremely dependant on weather conditions and, as a result, unstable. Storage in the form of hydrogen is the solution, provided the hydrogen gas is manageable. Obstacles include: volume, pressure, refrigeration, transport and safety.

Electrical energy is required for the production of H2Fuel. In effect, this electricity is converted into bonded hydrogen, enabling it to be stored in the form of granules under normal atmospheric conditions. If there is greater demand for (extra) electricity, the hydrogen and the extra hydrogen from the water can be released from the granules and, using a fuel cell, converted into electricity without harmful emissions of any kind.

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