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Introduction of H2FUEL

H2Fuel is a patented technology for the production, storage and release of hydrogen. For its production, no electrolysis is required. The hydrogen is stored under normal atmospheric conditions in a powder. Release takes place without additional energy, using ultrapure water. Not only is one hundred per cent of the hydrogen stored in the powder released but, as a bonus, the same amount of hydrogen is released from the water, as well.

In dry powder form, the hydrogen can be stored for an unlimited period, is in energy terms the maximum attainable result, has no safety risks and, throughout the production process from production through consumption, features no harmful emissions at all. Once the hydrogen has been issued, the residual substances can be returned to the powder state with hydrogen stored in them: this makes H2Fuel the world’s first circular fuel. H2Fuel can be deployed in all sectors of society and the economy and, as a result, forms by far the preferable alternative to both fossil fuels and other sustainable alternatives.


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