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H2Fuel is hydrogen bound to a salt and has the highest energy density compared to all other hydrogen alternatives. The release of hydrogen is achieved using a patented process that requires no additional energy and doubles the amount of hydrogen stored in the salt. After hydrogen release, the residual product - or spent fuel - can be recycled and reused as a hydrogen carrier.


H2Fuel’s hydrogen carrier is a salt at ambient conditions – its solid hydrogen can be transported and stored (dry) at atmospheric conditions

High Energy

H2Fuel’s hydrogen carrier has almost the same energy density as diesel

Easy Storage

H2Fuel's hydrogen carrier can be stored short and long time without complex storage requirements and no degradation or loss of hydrogen

Easy Transport

H2Fuel's hydrogen carrier enables large scale transportation of hydrogen. Its powder can be shipped, stored and distributed at relatively low cost in bulk using existing infrastructure like offshore bulk or container carriers, inshore shipping, train or road transport

Safe / Non-explosive

Captured in H2Fuel's hydrogen carrier, the hydrogen is not flammable or explosive

No Evaporation

H2Fuel's hydrogen carrier has the benefit of not being subject to natural evaporation (boil-off gas) as would be the case with transportation of liquid or pressurised hydrogen. Kept dry, H2Fuel releases no hydrogen until controlled usage

Exothermic Release

H2Fuel’s patented release process requires no additional energy and results in a direct and full hydrogen release

Release Bonus

H2Fuel's patented release process not only produces double the amount of hydrogen originally stored in its powder, but also heat

Ready for Use

Hydrogen can be released at end-user's location using H2Fuel's patented process and will be immediately ready for use

High Purity

The released hydrogen from H2Fuel’s hydrogen carrier has a purity of 99.8%


H2Fuel’s hydrogen carrier is circular as its spent fuel is returned to the location of origination and regenerated there

Low Energy Price

H2Fuel can be produced anywhere in the world benefitting from cheap and/or excessive green energy at any scale

Quick and Easy Implementation

H2Fuel's full cycle technology is based on proven technology and quick to implement at low cost

Key to Global Energy Transition

H2Fuel is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to achieve the energy transition

Key pain points of the Hydrogen economy - H2Fuel solves them all -

High costs of transportation

  • Virtually absent costs for transportation and distribution

    Compared to liquid hydrogen and ammonia

  • The most competitive option

    Whenever there are no hydrogen pipelines in place

Expensive storage, particularly long-term

  • ~85% lower long-term storage cost

    Compared to gaseous hydrogen

  • Short term storage (“firming”) is cheaper than alternatives

    Whenever the end user is not connected to a pipeline (nor close to cheap renewables)

Low energy density

  • 2-3x higher energy density compared to other carriers

    and almost similar to that of diesel

Safety Considerations

  • Not flammable, not corrosive, not toxic

    Hence requiring less safety considerations than alternative carriers

  • Comes in a powder form

    As easy to transport and store as grain

Green power produced anywhere, becomes available everywhere!


H2Fuel’s contribution to the energy transition is a safe, circular and economical hydrogen carrier. H2Fuel's hydrogen carrier has a high energy density and enables cheap transportation and low storage costs of hydrogen.

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